How drinking sugary carbonated beverages can affect your body?

When consumed in excess, added sugar can have disastrous effects on your health. However, some sources of sugar are worse than others… and sugary drinks are the worst, by far. This primarily applies to sugary soda, but also to fruit juices, highly sweetened coffees and other sources of liquid sugar.

Here are 5 reasons to avoid soda and other sugary drinks like the plague.

1. Sugary drinks do not make you feel full and are strongly linked to weight gain

Added sugar is highly fattening and liquid sugar even more so. One of the reasons for this is that sugar supplies large amounts of the simple sugar fructose, which does not lower the hunger hormone ghrelin in the same way as glucose, the main carb found in starchy foods.

When people consume sugary drinks, they usually add it on top of the total calorie intake. In other words, sugary drinks don’t make you feel full, so you eat the same amount of food as before, but with a whole lot of extra sugar calories on the side.

2. Sugar drastically increases belly fat accumulation

Sugar consumption makes you prone to storing more body fat. Fructose in particular appears to dramatically increase the dangerous fat around the belly and organs. This is known as visceral fat, or belly fat.

3. Sugar-sweetened beverages is one of the leading dietary cause of type 2 diabetes

The main function of the hormone insulin is to drive glucose from the bloodstream into cells. But when we drink sugary soda, the cells tend to become resistant to the effects of insulin. Given that sugary drinks can lead to insulin resistance, it is not surprising to see that numerous studies link soda consumption with type 2 diabetes.

4. The sugar and acids in soda are a disaster for dental health

It is a well-known fact that sugary soda is bad for your teeth. Soda contains acids like phosphoric acid and carbonic acid. These acids create a highly acidic environment in the mouth, which makes the teeth vulnerable to decay.

While the acids in soda can themselves cause damage, it is the combination with sugar that makes soda particularly harmful.

5. Sugary Soda Contains No Essential Nutrients. Just Sugar

Sugary soda is “empty” calories. No doubt about that. It contains absolutely no essential nutrients… no vitamins, no minerals, no antioxidants and zero fiber. It literally adds nothing to the diet except excessive amounts of added sugar and unnecessary calories.

If you want to lose weight, avoid chronic disease and live longer with a sharper brain, then consider avoiding sugary drinks like the plague. You should also try visiting Ido Fishman Fit; our programs we’ll surely assess you if you want to get rid of that fat caused by sugary carbonated drinks.

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