How Fast Can You Get to Low Fat Percentage?

In a common attempt to lose weight, it is normal that the first response is to shed unwanted pounds from your body. Little do people know that in terms of curbing weight, it is better to reduce numbers in terms of fat percentage compared to number of pounds. The fraction of body fat determines the amount of fats present in your body. It is more ideal and more reasonable to start with 10%-15% curbed fats to dictate a good pace of weight loss.

The weighing scale may be a shocking surprise as the first weigh-in can be as horrific as any Stephen King movie, but fortunately it is possible to get rid of this excess body fat.

Ido Fishman Fit discusses the concept of losing the unwanted fats in your body as part of a faster and more systematic process. Here are the things you should take into account:

1. Consider weight training - Going to the gym for a weight training is not only for the purpose of achieving biceps, triceps, and the glorious ‘abs.’ It also increases the pace of losing body fats percentage. Ido Fishman trainers will build a weight training program for you aimed at adding mass to your muscles while slashing body fats.

2. Maintain a good pace - Do not force your body to lose fat in a shorter span. You may regret losing 10-15 pound in a week as they may likely to return, which could be harmful to the body. Keeping a good pace works better. That means starting with 2%-5% a week, then slightly accelerating the pace in the following week.

 3. Adjust lifestyle - Losing weight requires adjusting to a new lifestyle. As you reduce body fats, your body needs different type and amount of healthy foods. Avoiding calories-rich foods should come along with daily exercise.

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