Michal Fishman – Toning and Body Design

.Michal Fishman has 8 years of experience in the field of body fitness
She specializes in making a training program suited for every personal need of her clients
,Over her 8 years in the field, Michal has gathered a vast amount of knowledge
.which she uses to educate her clients in order to reach their goals
.Michal is highly dedicated and is more than happy to work with her clients beyond regular working hours at Ido Fishman Fit

.Michal tailors her training program to personally fit each of her clients
.She is able to provide detailed plans according to the client’s personal goals and needs
,She integrates in-depth exercise evaluations, functional training, strength training
.and more to generate significant results for each of her clients
Michal knows that a customized and balanced approach produces better results for the short and long-term
as opposed to an aggressive and single focus method

.Michal believes that everyone has different tastes regarding their enjoyment of fitness activities
.Trainers must have a constant desire to learn new styles and techniques in order to help their clients achieve their goals
.Michal will do her best to teach her clients the many aspects of fitness in a very rewarding way by tailoring their routines to meet your needs and goals
,She will also strive to go beyond her regular hours just to help her clients with busy schedules
maximize their workout time, and help introduce those habits into their everyday lives

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