Mikel Fishman – Vice President and Management

Working close by the general manager, Ido Fishman, is his brother Mikel Fishman as the deputy manager for Ido Fishman Fit. Mikel specializes in fitness and strives to make sure that all customers are satisfied.

Mikel is in charge of several things to keep the operation of the gym in check and making sure the well-being of the customers and their enjoyment are constantly at their fullest. His responsibilities include: designing and promoting activities for clients; maintaining the high levels of customer care that Ido Fishman Fit prides itself in, especially when it comes to avoiding the loss of existing clients; recruiting, training and supervising staff; handling complaints and incidents; and the maintenance of equipment.

Mikel works with Ido and all the staff in an effort to make their clients feel like they have improved after every workout. The special workouts, trainings or cutting edge equipment are definitely important in preserving customers. But what is more important is Mikel’s approach. He, along with the gym staff, cares deeply about guiding and encouraging each individual member of the gym in order to reach his or her goals.

Mikel strives to instill in every trainee an understanding of the importance of fitness in his or her life. It is his and Ido’s dream to inspire people to not be ashamed of who they were when they’ve embarked on their journey to fitness realizing that their potential is limitless.

If you want to read more about Ido Fishman and the others, you can visit Ido Fishman’s blog!

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