Training in the gym for pregnant girls

Everyone knows that exercise is important for pregnant ladies. It wouldn't just relieve you from cramps, but it’s also a good path for a much faster recovery and weight loss. This article contains various training programs for women who are expecting a child. The programs were built by the experts of Ido Fishman Fit.  

Is it safe?

American College of Sports Medicine’s vice president James Pivarnik, Ph.D., said ladies that are maintaining a significant level of extreme exercise may be frustrated, but they can still continue their workout if their pregnancy is normal.

Of course, the main concerns of newly pregnant exercisers is their baby. There isn't any scientific proof that exercise causes miscarriage and heavy workouts wouldn't do any harm to your little one.  According to the coauthor of Miscarriage, Medicine & Miracles Bruce K. Young, MD, the amount of blood a pregnant woman’s body produces will increase by 50 percent, which means it would require her heart to work harder to circulate that blood and make sure it reaches the placenta.


Women who used to lift can still enjoy their hobby, but there are certain precautions that need to be considered. Instead of heavy lifting, try much-relaxed training programs like controlled reps and supersets to relieve fatigued muscles.

Given that you’ll carry an extra 25 to 30 pounds in your belly, deadlifts, barbell squats and other workouts that pressure the abdomen should be avoided.


A cardiovascular training can improve the heart and lung capacity of a person. A healthy mom-to-be should get about 150 minutes of moderate cardio exercise per week, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Treadmills, elliptical trainers, and bicycles are safe to use, but you should maintain a heart rate below 140 beats per minute.


Some researchers are suggesting that pregnant women who practice yoga on a regular basis may give a leg up during delivery and those who practice prenatal yoga will experience shorter labor and less pain.

Keep in mind

Always listen to your body and maintain a comfortable workout environment. Shy away from activities that put you at risk of falling or suffering any damage while you are pregnant.

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