Calf – Training Mistakes

Calve muscles are the kind of muscle that is tricky to work with. As a result, it can put a lot of people off from training their calves because of it. But do not fret, if done correctly even the skinniest of calves can turn into well-sculpted ones. Here are some mistakes you should avoid when training your calve muscles.

Doing short, low-intensity reps

Every day you take about 3,000 to 10,000 steps. With this activity alone, you can already see that your calves are already used to a short range of motion and low intensity work. In order to train your calves you must do things that your calves aren’t used to.

Not training all your muscles

When calves come to mind, most people think that it is the foremost of the heart-shaped gastrocnemius muscles? While it is true that the most seen muscles on your lower legs are the gastroc muscles, it is also important to train the soleus below the gastroc muscles and the flexor muscles on your shins. It may not affect the appearance of your leg muscles much but it will help against shin splits.

Little to no variety in training exercises

Your calves can get used to your new routine just as how it got used to your walking every day. You should change your training routines by mixing up your workloads up every once in a while in order to keep those calve muscles off guard.

Insufficient stretching

Stretching is an important part of training and should not be overlooked. You need to fully stretch your calves between sets and immediately after training them. This increases mobility, enlarges the fascia and boosts the pump, which in turn aids recovery and growth.

Calf Training with the Right Trainers

Trainers and the programs they have are the key to consistent progress with your training so it is always advised to get the best trainer possible.

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