What to Do When Willpower Isn’t Enough?

When you set a new goal for yourself, you start getting pumped. You get a refreshing sense of commitment and you’re ready to work on that goal. You keep it up but then one day, your motivation just experiences an all-time low and will eventually disappear altogether.

It isn’t a surprise that it is difficult to keep your motivation high in the long term. But it would be great if we can carry on without our motivation fluctuating. Sure your motivation may have its ups and downs every once and again but how can you keep your motivation as strong as the day you first started?

Check Yourself

Setting out goals for yourself its better if you check yourself occasionally along the way. Determine how you’re currently doing, what you need and what you should do next. Analyze your situation and adapt to it. Here are some questions you should ask yourself on your occasional checks:

Are there some habits I need to change?

Are there some bad habits that may prove detrimental to your motivation? Asking this question may help tracking that one bad habit down and change it for the better.

Am I under a lot of stress?

Do not underestimate the stress brought on by work, family, and our social lives. It can be overwhelming but remember to balance them. We’re all human and motivation isn’t something we have an infinite amount of, so try to keep those factors in check.

Am I training right according to the goals I’ve set?

If you’re training to build muscle, losing fat or just to be physically fit in general, it’s good to check on your training if it is still in accordance with your goals.

Am I expecting too much from myself?

People always say that one should aim high but there is such a thing as aiming to high as well. Check your goals and find out if they sound too ambitions or you’re currently not fit to achieve them. Set them lower if they’re too much for you and try to achieve them first. Slow and steady wins the race.

Is my mindset positive?

Try cutting the negatives from your mindset and replacing it with positives by noticing the good you’ve done so far and being grateful for what you have achieved so far. A little room for errors could go a long way.

Why did I do this in the first place?

What made you set out your goal? Getting reminded of that may reignite the fire of your motivation.

Check Again and Again

Repeatedly checking on yourself with the questions above can help you keep your motivation high. It may have ups and downs from time to time, which you can’t avoid. Your motivation and the aspects of your goal may change as well. Checking in on yourself can help you gauge your progress.

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