How to Train your Arms like a Pro

Big and muscular arms give you the appearance of being strong while giving your body a sculpted look.
Having large arms can also help you perform some tasks that require a considerable amount of strength such as moving furniture.
This article will give you tips on how to train your arms like a pro.

What you need to do

In the pursuit of having big arms, most tend to train their biceps the most.
You should remember that the triceps make the most of the circumference of your arm.

Triceps respond well to both the pumps performed and the pounds being lifted unlike biceps where the pumps performed is more important.
But it is best to keep in mind of the fact that heavy pressing movements for chest and shoulders can work for the triceps.

Triceps are trained to their fullest when doing a fascia-splitting pump, which is best achieved by extended giant and drop sets.
Triceps pushdowns; followed by dips between benches; followed by close-grip push-ups is an example of a great giant set.

The one thing that may hamper the development of your triceps is the order of your exercises.
It is good to train your triceps shortly following chest and/or shoulder training to decrease the chances of your elbow becoming inflamed.

 Training your triceps right after heavy pressing movements makes sure the joint in your elbow is properly warmed up
and has the included benefit of forcing you to lift lighter on exercises designed specifically for the triceps.

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