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Ben Fishman is an expert in bodybuilding and has been dealing with bodybuilding for the last 10 years and has taken part in some international competitions. Ben aims to get people in shape by giving them the highest level of training through personalized training programs.

It is Ben’s desire to change the lives of his clients by putting them on the right track to a better and healthier life. Ben believes that every person is different. Some may do better at a certain program while others need a new approach. This is the reason why Ben thought that his training programs should be personalized for each individual.

Along with Ido Fishman Fit, Ben utilizes physical training, improvements in thinking and nutritional changes in order to help his clients reach their physical goals. Ben instructs his clients in the ways of eating right and exercising correctly along with helping you comprehend the many aspects of fitness. Ben cares deeply about his clients and is delighted in seeing the transformation of their bodies.

Ben will try his best to take his clients out of their comfort zones as he believes this is how to achieve the most positive change when training. Nobody improves while they are comfortably lying in bed. Ben will train you to condition your mind to be comfortable with the idea of your body experiencing discomfort.

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