Is the Gym the Best Place to Exercise?

A report on the State of the Fitness Industry in UK showed that there is at least 1 person out of seven that exercises in a gym. A gym provides people with exercise equipment and sometimes instructors at the cost of membership but is that enough to become fit?

According to a study from the journal Plus One, people who are gym members are aerobically 14 times more active that those who haven’t joined a gym or any health-related club. The average time spent in the gym by a typical member is about 6 hours a week. This fact alone make them more fit than those who aren’t gym members. Those who go to the gym had lowered heart-rate, higher levels of cardiovascular fitness and muscle mass.

The study had a sample size of 405 people around 30 to 64 years of age, and those who go to the gym displayed the things described above more than those who weren’t gym members. Gym members are also more likely to do resistance training - a kind of training that strengthens muscles, increase metabolism and reduce blood pressure – than non-gym members, even those who regularly exercise.

Elizabeth C. Schroeder from the University of Illinois’ Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition says that this study adds actual objective measures of people at a health club compared with non-members, which have not been measured before.

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