5 Facts about Muscles

Muscles are not just the typical body component nowadays. In modern setting, they have become a thing of much fascination. If you have biceps or triceps, you are considered ‘in’ and trendy. So people spend too much time hitting the gym just to achieve developed muscles that could catch attention.

While you are exerting much time and efforts to get those biceps and triceps, little do you know about the soft tissue in our body.

Ido Fishman Fit breaks down these five interesting trivials about muscles that could light up your day.

1. 40% of our body is muscle -  In case you didn’t know it, muscles normally represents approximately 40% of our body weight. They are heavier than fats. In the biggest irony of your workout regimen, you lose weight by reducing fats but you also gain weight by building muscles. Sounds tricky, right?

2. Muscles are not capable of pushing - You may find this weird but our muscle only allows us to pull things, not push. Say you push a box, it is possible because arm muscles pull the elbow while your hands do the pushing.

3. It is easier to gain muscle than to lose it - Unlike fats, muscles are hard to lose. But to give you enough motivation, they are easier to build. Putting it in numbers, the muscles that you build for two weeks might require you four weeks to degenerate it.

4. It takes 200 muscles to make a single step - Yes, you’ve read it right! With an average of 10 000 steps required per person, imagine how many muscles work in a single day. 

5.Heart is the busiest muscle - It does not stop working… unless you’re dead.

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