5 Legit Reasons You’ll Never Squat Again

Squatting is one of the most basic movements the human body can do. This is also known as the ‘king of all exercises’ and is done in a lot of routines. From powerlifting to CrossFit to bodybuilding, the squat has been a vital component of anyone’s training routine.

However, what most people don’t know is that squats are actually awful. They are dangerous, reckless and take up your time inefficiently. You would be better off doing anything else. To explain further, here are 5 legit reasons why you should never squat.

1. The smith machine is way better than barbell squats

A Smith machine involves using the barbell on the machine as resistance. A Smith machine allows you to re-rack the weight at any point of the movement and prevents you from being stuck underneath the weight. This is a lot safer than barbell squats and is beneficial for people who have balancing struggles.

2. Lower body size matters less.

Squats target the leg muscles. Having huge legs is not cool at all. Who would want their quads to balloon up while having the same waist size? That would make it impossible for you to find good fitting pants. It will either just fit your legs, or your waist and that is a big no, no.

3. Quarter squats over deep squats

Quarter squats allows you to utilize more weight and they totally work on the front side of your body more heavily – which should be your target anyway. If you do squats for leg exercise, go for quarter squats and avoid deep squats. You won’t regret it for sure.

4. You shouldn’t do it on your own

When ding barbell squats, you have to make sure you have a spotter with you. Not just a spotter, a ‘well trained’ spotter. Squats are dangerous and doing it makes you risk your lower back, spine, and knee, so you probably want an experienced spotter to help you in case the weight takes on you.

5. Squats slows you down

Having a larger lower body mass will slow you down. And squats doesn’t only make your lower body bulkier, it also wither down your back and knees. So if you’re not really into being an athlete, you won’t really need intensive lower body workout like this.

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