5 Things the Gym Taught Me

You may find it surprising, but the gym can be a place of realization, of epiphany. As a person who signs up for a gym membership half-heartedly,

it may take some time seeing what your body is capable of. 

Ido Fishman Fit observes that those who start going to gym in good shape find it hard to commit.

ife is already hard as it is, why go through physical exertion to wear yourself out even more, right? Wrong. 

You may have decided to go to the gym for all sorts of reasons, but the actual process of going there shouldn't be wasted.

You may want to reach a target weight or tone your muscles, but beyond that there is also a lot learn.

Ido Fishman Fit would like to share the lessons about life they learned in the gym and they are as follows:

Everyday is a chance to see what great powers you are capable of. 

There is always a new opportunity everyday to not only change your physical appearance and form, but to see where your will power can take you. Ido Fishman Trainers can help you break your own boundaries and limits by going to the gym daily or routinely for starters. 

If you set realistic and quantifiable goals, you will achieve it.

Ido Fishman programs are designed to make you see the point of going to the gym to train which is to achieve a target or goal. 

Ido Fishman Fit will help you understand that having vague goals makes it hard to tell if you're in the right direction. If your goal is  realistic and quantifiable or something you can measure, doesn't that make it easier to knock one goal off your list? 

If you want to lose some pounds, you can quantify how much. Say for example you want to lose 20 pounds in your first month of going to the gym instead of saying 'I'm going to the gym to become thinner.' Which do you think are you more likely to achieve? 

You lose some, you win some

In life we don't always have  the upper hand. The gym can teach you that some training activities can help you reach your goal and some will not. 

You will need to work with trainers to change your form. Ido Fishman Trainers will help find out what works for you so you don't waste your time.

There are also lessons to be learned even when you lose today or get hurt. Your muscles may hurt after a workout, but it only means what you did worked. 

Showing Up is the First Step

Participating in Ido Fishman Programs is already a big deal. Without consistency, progress will take time,

but showing up alone is already something to be proud of. It means you are willing to change or better yourself. 

It is in the hardest times that we realize what is important.

When you think about things in a different perspective, they can mean what you want them to mean.

The gym could be a challenge you take up that is something hard but you do it anyway. It is in the hardest times when we start to question our choices and our capabilities. So much so that we see what's important - what we are truly made of. And that is the will to survive and to continuously improve.

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