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Calf – Training Mistakes

Calve muscles are the kind of muscle that is tricky to work with. As a result, it can put a lot of people off from training their calves because of it

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The Benefits of Training with a Partner

Sometimes we do things better when we are not alone. Having that reliable buddy or partner may be essential to getting the job done. Just like in workouts or intensive exercise, tapping the help of a friend or loved ones will help you achieve incredible results.

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Gym for students

Teachers have known quite a while that activities in the gym can help students academically; however, it was only in 2012 that researchers have proved it.

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5 Facts about Muscles

Muscles are not just the typical body component nowadays. In modern setting, they have become a thing of much fascination

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How Fast Can You Get to Low Fat Percentage?

In a common attempt to lose weight, it is normal that the first response is to shed unwanted pounds from your body. Little do people know that in terms of curbing weight, it is better to reduce numbers in terms of fat percentage compared to number of pounds

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Training in the gym for pregnant girls

Everyone knows that exercise is important for pregnant ladies. It wouldn't just relieve you from cramps, but it’s also a good path for a much faster recovery and weight loss. This article contains various training programs for women who are expecting a child. The programs were built by the experts of Ido Fishman Fit.  

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The Benefits of Exercising

Whether it’s to gain some extra energy, prolong your life or just feel better in general, spending some time to exercise can help you with achieving those.

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5 Things the Gym Taught Me

You may find it surprising, but the gym can be a place of realization, of epiphany. As a person who signs up for a gym membership half-heartedly, it may take some time seeing what your body is capable of. 

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How Much Exercise Is Enough For Training

Your exercise frequency and intensity must be aligned towards your goals. Keeping an active lifestyle is ideal in order to stay healthy. It could be a hit or miss at first but you will find you own tempo. 

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What You Need When You Workout?

Hitting the gym for workout is always a fun activity. It relieves stress, can be great leisure time, and more importantly, allows the body to gain physical strength. But going for workout is not just lifting bars and doing push ups

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